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Resplendence, a blog from Radiant Resolution about graphic design

Why the name Radiant Resolution?

So, what does it mean, anyways? Why did I choose Radiant Resolution back in 2007? And why has it stuck for all of this time? I know it's a long name, and it's a bit cumbersome, but it embodies the product as much today as when it was established. But what's the real meaning behind it?

Despite the misspellings (Radient Resolution and Radiant Resolutions, to name a few...), it stands strong and even split into the independent blog title of Resplendence (where did that one come from while we're at it?). Let's go back to 2004, when it all started as BLM Designs.

It wasn't uncommon for freelancers to use initials in their business title, especially just starting out of school. It was just something quick and easy for me, since most designers actually have little time to work on their own identity branding (we are too busy working on everyone else's!). I didn't register the name officially, because I knew I wouldn't keep it. I knew my business would grow one day and it needed a title that wasn't associated with my personal name. I also had a feeling one day I'd be married and have different initials. It just wasn't the right name, but was fine for the time being.

I thought long and hard for several years about what name would suite my actual products and services. I wanted a name that echoed "quality design." I kept imagining bright colors, and gleaming, pristine, sharp lines: excellent quality and high resolution.

But I couldn't call my business high resolution graphics. High resolution was a standard. I wanted to go above and beyond the standard. I wanted something higher than the highest resolution. What is higher and brighter than "high?" I came up with Radiant.

Radiant Resolution embodied high quality designs that were above and beyond customers' expectations. Graphics that shined, and stood out from the rest.

I always imagined using oranges and yellows in my marketing color scheme, as they are bright, friendly, and inviting colors. Radiant Resolution hasn't swayed much from it's color palette since the beginning, and it's a color palette that stands out!

After years of writing my blog on Blogger, I moved the blog to my main website. It needed a title and its own identity. I re-titled it Resplendence, echoing "radiance" and going perfectly with Radiant Resolution.


Shining brilliantly :characterized by a glowing splendor.

Something that has resplendence is gorgeous in a grand, brilliant way.

And Resplendence was reborn, using the similar color scheme to tie in all of Radiant Resolution's identity branding materials: one cohesive brand.

So what's in the future for Radiant Resolution? Would I ever change or shorten the name? I can't see myself changing the name in the near future. But perhaps an abbreviation could be in the distance future.

What are your thoughts on the name Radiant Resolution? What other suggestions would you have for a different name? And have you ever had writers' block when trying to name your own business? Leave a comment below!



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About Brittany Klein

Brittany Klein is a freelance graphic designer from Maryland. She established her company, Radiant Resolution, in 2008 after receiving her Master of Arts degree in graphic design from Savannah College of Art & Design. She has since written blogs, e-books, and articles centered around graphic design and fine art for many organizations across the country.

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