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What Kind of Printer Do You Need?

With so may options today, it can be overwhelming to start the process of finding the perfect printer for your needs. Whether you are just looking to print photos for scrap-booking, have your own design business, or just need a copy machine to utilize once a month, having a printer at home is a must, and there are affordable options for the simplest of machines.

Today, even kids and teens can utilize printers for projects and photos. There are even small printers made specifically for printing photos from your mobile devices. The options are endless.

So how do you know which printer is right for you? Check out ____ different types of printers and what purposes they serve, and find your ideal match!

Inkjet Printers

This is the most basic and inexpensive printer in terms of the printer itself as well as ink cartridges. This is your standard, go-to printer for your basic needs if you aren't looking for high quality, through many ink printers can print high resolution, photo-quality images. While some printers have their color and black cartridges as one entity (meaning, if you are low on one color, you need to replace the entire cartridge), most have separate color cartridges today. The printer works by spraying precise amounts of ink onto a page. The printers actually sprays small dots that you can barely see with the naked eye (and great vision!) but under magnification looks something like the image above.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are becoming more and more popular today because of the high quality, long lasting images they produce. The printer produces a light that melts special toner onto a drum, that then rolls the image onto the paper. Laser printers are fast and don't require the drying time that some inkjet printers do.

Impact Printers

Impact printers make images by striking an inked ribbon with a dot matrix. These printers are ideal for businesses that print checks, invoices, or forms that require specialty paper. The printer strikes these papers with enough force to make an impression on multiple copies.

Thermal Printers

This printer requires special paper, but no ink cartridges. The printer actually heats treated paper to temperatures that alter the color of the paper. While this means the printer itself requires little maintenance, treated paper can begin to fade when left in hot areas. So, these are not ideal for important documents that need to last.

Combine these types of printers with other options including ability to scan or copy, wireless printing, and duplex printing (ability to print on both sides of the paper), as well as the maximum size paper you need, and you'll be able to find exactly what you need. Be sure to research top brands (HP, Canon, Xerox...) to find which suites you and your budget!

What type of printer does Radiant Resolution use?

While we own several types of printers (and a vinyl cutter!), we outsource our large jobs to both laser and inkjet printers, and also have the ability to use Pantone colors, letter presses, spot glosses and metallics, and much more. Contact us today with your project description for a free quote!

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Brittany Klein is a freelance graphic designer from Maryland. She established her company, Radiant Resolution, in 2008 after receiving her Master of Arts degree in graphic design from Savannah College of Art & Design. She has since written blogs, e-books, and articles centered around graphic design and fine art for many organizations across the country.

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