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The Vlog Is Up!

Exciting news today! I've finally decided to get into the world of vlogging and created my first vlog episode!

A few months ago I asked professional, student, and aspiring designers to submit their work for some friendly critiques. I received a lot of pieces and selected a few for the video, and finally got around to recording my episode. It took a long time to finally sit down and record this because I am VERY self-conscious of how I appear on camera. More than recording the blog, I REALLY enjoyed editing it. I've always enjoyed editing videos and some of you who have known me for years may remember all of the movies I used to make my friends perform in so I could edit them videos into a hilarious comedy (well, maybe only hilarious to us!).

Although I still cringe at myself, I'm pleased with how the video turned out and enjoyed it enough to film a few more vlog episodes in the upcoming weeks. I'll be covering everything from design critiques to information for clients on selecting the right designer, as well as fine artwork how-tos and my studio tour.

I'd love to hear anything else you would like to see in future vlog episodes, so leave a comment below for me!

Click Here to view the latest video.


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