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E-mail Templates


Becoming more popular this year are e-mail templates. Of course, they have been around for a while, but businesses are now realizing how important a professionally-designed email template is and what it can mean for their business. The most popular mass e-mailing service I create templates for is Constant Contact. In addition to the ability to schedule mass e-mails that are beautifully designed, business owners can also track how many emails were opened, deleted, and how many times a link was clicked within the e-mail, helping businesses to see what attracts attention and what doesn't. This is such a useful marketing tool and so affordable, it's an asset to any business!

Shown here is an e-blast template for JLG Builds, featuring their current promotional offer. I have also created templates for this business for monthly newsletters, featured ads, and upcoming events. Having multiple templates helps to stay organized and give each email a fresh look to attract attention. Don't be left in the stone ages! Be sure to set up a mass-email account with a template design!

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