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Client Success Story: Modernizing a Local Business

I had the pleasure of working with a local family-owned and operated business. LMS has been open for over 25 years now, and its logo has remained the same for most of that time. It did not have a web site, until today.

It always a challenge to "modernize" an original logo or design. This particular original logo design was important to the family, so we kept the overall appearance the same while updating the color scheme and giving it a "high performance" feel.

Having a web site is so important...for any business! Even something simple (this one is only three pages) is monumental in reaching out to new and existing clients, showing off your work or business, and making location and contact information readily available. Once clients begin to see their new web site take form, they are often inspired to expand the site and add new information and pages, or plan additions for the future to keep people coming back to the website.

Though we began with very few photos and little text, and this web site eventually expanded to showcase their business' quality services, including the four showcased on the main page.


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