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11 Best E-mail Subject Lines to Get Your E-mails Opened

E-marketing is one of the best marketing tools you can have in today's industry. You can reach clients directly, announce sales, or even provide news from your business. There are many affordable mass e-mail services out there, and many have extremely user-friendly designing elements and templates. (Don't forget, Radiant Resolution offers e-mail templates, content writing, and scheduled distribution!)
But all of your beautiful e-mail designs and stellar content won't get you far if you can't get your e-mail opened by your users. Don't risk being deleted or mistaken for spam. Check out these subject lines that are sure to get your e-mail opened!
Don't forget to keep subjects short. More than 68% of e-mails are now opened on mobile devices, leaving subject lines restricted.
"Question about [goal]"
Pick a goal that your users share that you can help them achieve. Bringing it to their attention in a headline that you're aware of their goal (with a solution in the e-mail) is a great way to start a conversation.
"Our next steps"
I use this e-mail subject frequently for my repeat/current customer lists (ps, you should have several lists of e-mails, including current customers, past customers, and leads). This subject line reminds those who have worked with you that there is more business in their future, and you have more options available to them. It leaves the door open, and their curiosity will have them opening that e-mail!

"Do not open this email"
Click bait, sure. But if you have a more laid-back type of advertising style, go for it! Just be sure to follow up with something relatable in the e-mail body, like, "unless you're prepared for the biggest deal of the season!"
"'I love everything in this email!'"
It's catchy! It'll make them smile, and it definitely presents a more casual conversation and relationship with your client, which can make them feel more comfortable. Just make sure to follow it up with some good e-mail content!

"X options to get started"
Everyone needs a place to start and they want to know they have options. Giving your e-mail subject a number less than 10 tells readers two things: there is more than one option, and the e-mail won't take very long to read. People value their time, and the briefer the better!

"Hi [name], [question]?"
Personalization and an unanswered question just begs for potential customers to open this e-mail. People don't like to see unanswered questions, so their curiosity to find or provide the answer may get the best of them!

"I found you through [referral name]"
Finding a common connection validates you as a business or freelancer. If you don't have a connection, do some snooping on Linked In or Facebook to see if you have a common link or friend. You'd be amazed how a conversation can start from a common friend!

"Did you get what you were looking for?"
This is a great follow-up e-mail with clients you've recently worked with or customers who have visited your website. An alternate subject for customers who left your website without purchasing anything would be "Didn't get what you were looking for?" This way, you have a second chance to meet their needs.

"Should I stay?"
People don't like breakups, and as we learned just above, unanswered questions. Forcing a client to make the breakup decision may actually sway them the other way. They'll want to know what reasons there are to "stay" so be sure to have your offers ready in the e-mail body!

"Permission to close your file?"
Another breakup e-mail, see above!

"Feeling [insert emotion]? Let me help"
People respond best to ads with images of faces showing emotions. They are relatable and recognized immediately. Using emotion in your subject line has the same response. Replace with emotions like stressed, annoyed, at wit's end, or helpless.

Try a few of these subject lines in your e-mails and watch your open rate increase!




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