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Graphic Products You Absolutely Need, Broken Down By Profession

If you're just starting your own business, it's essential that you hire a designer for some tasks. Yes, you can make your own logo, but hiring someone now can reduce costs in the future for a redesign or reformatting for specific file types needed from outside printers. You should absolutely include graphic design work in your start up fees. Having these products in place at the time of opening your business will be essential to your success. After these products are established, you should only require "maintenance fees" since the artwork is already created (i.e. changing dates on flyers, printing more business cards, or updating your website). Here is a master list of design products you'll need, broken down by profession. Find yours and see if you match up! Note that a logo is essential for any business!

Animal Care

Logo | website | social media pages | business cards | brochure | apparel You'll need to advertise your business via your website and social media, and brochures are helpful to provide more information to pet owners about your services. Apparel is not necessarily essential, but having your employees match helps to create a professional atmosphere.


Logo | website | business cards | letterheads Even if you only have a website landing page, having a presence on the web is important for any architect. Though it's strongly recommended you provide a portfolio on your website. Letterheads and other stationery are essential for any architect as well, and your logo should be prominent on them all.


Logo | e-commerce website | social media pages | business cards | app icon | e-marketing Depending on the type of beauty industry you are in, there are a variety of products you may need. If you sell products, an e-commerce website would be necessary. If you sell services, just a regular website would do, though you could use a website to book appointments and accept payments as well. E-marketing is a great option to introduce sales, new services, offer discount codes and more. And if you are really aiming high, an app would be beneficial for you. An app icon could be designed by a graphic designer, but the app itself would require a developer.


Logo | website | business cards | brochure | apparel | signage To provide as much information as possible to parents, having a presence on the web and an informational brochure would be essential. Signage would be required for the institution but also for advertising. And apparel would be a nice touch to have employees match for a professional appearance.


Logo | website | social media pages | business cards | newsletter | e-marketing | brochure | apparel | merchandise Clubs and organizations have the need to reach out and advertise to more potential members, as well as the need to raise money to keep the organization afloat. Having a strong presence on the web and social media, as well as e-marketing is a great way to advertise. Clubs and organizations usually have perks to being a member, and this normally includes some type of newsletter or magazine, which will need to be designed by a professional with proficiency in larger-scale publications and direct mail. Clubs may also offer apparel and merchandise exclusive to members, or to anyone as a way to increase funds. These can be designed by a professional and then sold and distributed by the club.

Computer-Related Services/Cyber Security

Logo | website | business cards | summary sheets | brochure | app icon | trade show booth Computer technicians and software engineers don't usually require a presence on social media, as many of their clients or contracts are through the government. But, a presence on the web is helpful. You may also require information or fact sheets (one pagers to advertise certain services or processes), brochures, or even an app. Many also participate in events that require a trade show booth design.


Logo, | website | social media pages | e-marketing | business cards | brochure | folders | apparel | vehicle Builders and renovators should have readily available a portfolio of work to show potential clients. They can show work via their website and brochures, and post recent work to their social media pages. Stationery and folders should be designed for in-person meetings with clients, and vehicle design may be necessary for larger organizations. Employees would also benefit from matching apparel, for both a professional presence and advertising.

Event Organization

Logo | website | social media pages | business cards | flyers | registration forms | ad design | apparel | merchandise | signage | banners Event organizers probably require the most from graphic designers than any other type of business. They require extensive advertising, signage, and then more paperwork such as registration forms. Their website would be more extensive to allow for ticket sales or registration with payment. Merchandise and apparel would also need to be created and sold for each event. And a strong social media presence would be absolutely necessary for a bigger attendance.

Food Vendor/Restaurant

Logo | website | social media pages | e-marketing | business cards | labels/packaging | signage | menus | apparel Food and beverage vendors or restaurants can benefit from an e-commerce website to help sell their products or a way to book reservations online. E-marketing can help promote special offers, discounts, and new items. Signage would be a must for both vendors and restaurants, and even hand held or large signage menus would be needed. Matching apparel for employees or even offered for sale would be designed by a graphic artist. Labels and packaging would also be needed for vendors.


Logo | website | business cards | e-marketing | brochure | signage Professionals in the health field wouldn't necessarily need social media, but a website would help potential patients find what they are looking for and the location of the professional. E-marketing is necessary for health-related professionals for appointment reminders, sharing results (usually through a safe website login), and notifications in changes to the business. Brochures would provide information to potential patients, and business cards could be two sided to double as appointment reminders.

Non-Profit Organization

Logo | website | social media pages | business cards | brochure | newsletter | apparel | merchandise | e-marketing Non-profits require extensive advertisement in order to gain profits to keep the organization going. A website that accepts donations is crucial, as well as a social media presence. Apparel and merchandise is another way to raise money for the organization. E-marketing keeps subscribers up-to-date and is another way to ask for donations. Members of non-profits often receive newsletters or magazines as well, which would require an experienced designer and printer familiar with direct mailing.

Photographer/Graphic Designer

Logo | website | social media pages | business cards | e-marketing | ad | templates | watermark Assuming a photographer has the artistic talent already, and the knowledge to work some of the Adobe software, most of these items will be able to be created by a photographer himself (and of course a graphic designer). A website would be more extensive for a photographer, potentially offering password protected areas for clients and the ability to purchase their photos. A portfolio should be displayed on a photographer or designer's website as well, and e-marketing, although not necessary, is a way to reach out to potential clients or past clients. Templates would be a necessary item for both photographers and graphic designers, especially for social media advertising, but also to include items like save-the-dates, birth-announcements, and invitations.


Logo | website | social media pages | business cards | ads | flyers | signage A realtor needs a presence on the web, but also advertises through signage and flyers. Depending on if the realtor has their own company or participates under another company, they may need their own identity branding and a website for listings. Flyers would also need to be created to advertise individual houses.

Sports Team

Logo | social media | e-marketing | website | apparel | merchandise Sports teams need a logo (or mascot), especially for team apparel (and other merchandise). The team may require some advertising, but will definitely require social media or e-marketing to keep in touch with team members. A website may also be useful to display photos, advertise for new members, and provide important information, dates or forms for interested participants.


Logo | social media | e-marketing | website | merchandise A YouTuber or Blogger who has a strong presence on the internet requires a logo and an exquisite social media design. They also would benefit from e-marketing, to announce when new material has been posted. Merchandise is a big fundraiser for this profession, and it would need to be displayed on a website as well (probably e-commerce). Is your profession missing from this list? Let me know in the comments below!Save

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