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Client Success Story: Designing for Smiles

This summer, I had the opportunity to remodel not one, but two websites for Dr. Zebovitz, a renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Dr. Zebovitz not only restores beautiful smiles for people in the Maryland area, he spends his spare time flying across the world to developing countries, providing free services to help those in desperate need of reconstruction. This includes dental services like fillings and cleanings, as well as cleft palate repairs and other surgeries performed by the team. Surgeons For Smiles travels four times a year across the globe to help those in need, performing hundreds of procedures. Such an organization needed a beautiful website that engaged users and had a more prominent call-to-action for donations.

In addition to the Surgeons For Smiles website, Dr. Zebovitz's own personal website for his practice required some extensive work. At first glance, his original website seemed simple with only 4 links (and a bit confusing "about you" and "about us" links). But as I clicked through, more and more options became available. These options needed to be much more prominent and available from the start, following the rules of no more than 2 clicks to get to each page. Also, very importantly, both websites need mobile-friendly capabilities.

The major concern for employees at Dr. Zebovitz's office was to be able to update forms on the website as needed. Using Wix to create this website will allow employees to login and update or change forms as needed, without web experience. This is a major advantage to using Wix.

Dr. Zebovitz's original website homepage was in Flash, which is becoming outdated and incompatible with many users' devices today. Printing valuable information needed from the website simply won't print from Flash, either. Dr. Zebovitz's original website is shown below.

Once a detailed site map was drawn for the new website, a much more stable "road map" through the website was established and design and production began. A search bar was added, since so much information is available on his new website.

Although we originally started with blues and teals, as these are calming colors (and Dr. Zebovitz' office is well-known for treating patients with such great care that they feel very comfortable), we reverted back to neutral colors to stick with the already existent marketing material. Slightly brighter colors were used for "pop" in the call-to-action buttons and logo. Images of beautiful smiles rotate in the background of the main page.

The new website features 4 of the most common problems seen by the practice, with quick links to learn more. Sub menus for services appear upon hover (and click) for more specific services. There are also prominent call-to-action buttons so a user is never looking for a way to make contact or book an appointment. Though most forms are PDF (due to HIPAA policies), some forms were able to be integrated into the website for users to complete and submit online.

The Surgeons for Smiles website features some dramatic images at first glance. This was a tactic used to grab the attention of visitors wanting to help the organization. Accomplished missions are also showcased, to show the organization is moving forward, also allowing for "fresh content" and better search engine optimization. A "donate" button is always prominent, and using "today" creates a sense of urgency, which is a helpful trick for call-to-actions. Bright oranges and teals were chosen to compliment the bright colors of clothing seen in most of the photos, and give a tropical feel, rather than a corporate or office feel.

Overall, it was an enjoyable journey this summer working with Dr. Z. However, the universe works in mysterious ways, and as I was starting the work on this project my father was in a very serious accident. He was struck on his motorcycle by a reckless driver in a stolen vehicle (hit and run), breaking about twenty bones including his jaw, and impacting/losing many teeth. He was going to require extensive reconstruction, and during a time when I felt helpless to comfort or assist him, I was able to bring him to Dr. Zebovitz, who did an amazing job bringing back my dad's smile we thought was lost.

So while it was a pleasure to help Dr. Zebovitz, I am thankful for his help in restoring not only my dad's smile, but bringing a smile to our lives during a dark and trying time.

You can view Dr. Zebovtiz's websites at and

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