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11 Quirky Must-Have Office Items

Especially if you have a career in the arts, it's inevitable that we artists will want to personalize our space with our unique style. And what better way to show off our personality than some quirky products and do-it-yourself projects?

Check out these products and projects below that you can use to personalize your space! I've included links for where to find these products and tutorials for the DIYs. Enjoy!

I personally have this for my home office, as it may be a little too much like going to the club for a coorporite office. There are tons of combinations of colors, effects, and dimmers to get just the perfect tone for your space. With sticky tape on the back, you can place these anywhere you want (where they can reach the plug, that is). Plus, they are adjusted with a remote control. How fun is that?

These are perfect for the graphic designer with constant coffee refills. Use these as coasters or display prominently on a shelf. 

This is a beautiful DIY you can use everyday! All you need are a few tags, a few hangers, and some creativity. Box is optional!

This is a cool way to organize your files or projects, if you have a filing cabinet. It's a quick way to see your file groups from above, so it would only work well in a drawer below eye level, of course.

Terrariums are all the rage now. Add a bit of greenery and organic-ness to your office space, and decorate it anyway you want! Just don't forget to add water.

Washi tape is growing in popularity and it's way too easy to use to decorate any space. Use it to line your cabinets, desktop, or even use it to wrap around your cords to help stay organized (and adorable).

You don't need to have walls for these holders, partitions work too! Hanging your pen holders also frees up desk space, so there's plenty of room for activities.

No one can have enough power strips, and these power strips bend and pivot, though it's more for looks rather than function. But why not?

I use this myself and created a large design to go inside, along with some favorite photos. It adds some flare to your office but is also easy to clean, and as a bonus it keeps your keyboard and mouse from sliding around!

What designer wouldn't love to have some quirky font-inspired bookends to show off their typographical nerdiness?

If you're stuck in a dark office, like I was, adding a little soft light can do wonders for your mood and your productivity. This lamp is small enough and dim enough to sneak into your cube without disturbing others around you who like the dark.

What quirky office supplies have you found handy? Share them below!

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Brittany Klein is a freelance graphic designer from Maryland. She established her company, Radiant Resolution, in 2008 after receiving her Master of Arts degree in graphic design from Savannah College of Art & Design. She has since written blogs, e-books, and articles centered around graphic design and fine art for many organizations across the country.

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