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Your Website Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

So, you are either looking to build a website for your business or looking to redesign your current website. Perhaps you are having a hard time getting your current website found on search engines. Or, maybe you want to upgrade your website to allow payments. There are tons of web design interfaces out there that you could use (without design experience, by the way), so why would you need to hire a professional? While you can actually design a decent website yourself, you may not be utilizing all of the tools offered through your particular service. It’s more beneficial for your company in the long run to have a professionally developed website, and you’ll see the difference on your ROI. So you decide a professional is best, but so may web development companies want to charge thousands to develop your website. Is that what you should be expecting to pay?

If you are looking to build a large-scale database with constant user interaction (think Yelp or Angie’s List) then yes, expect to pay a large amount for the development of a larger-scale website with more security and monitoring by hired employees. If you’re not thinking large-scale, then no, you shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars. But not many web designers will tell you this.

As times change, tools that were exclusive to designers are now more readily available to anyone. Instead of fighting these changes, I’ve incorporated these changes into my business.

For clients who wish to maintain their website once it’s created, I design a responsive, user-friendly website through Wix. I also offer ongoing support services if clients don’t have the time or desire for the upkeep. Why Wix? While I am a professional designer with various degrees and web development experience, I find that many clients are only interested in a website they can maintain themselves. I’ve tried various platforms including Wordpress and Squarespace, and I’ve found that Wix is by far the best because:

Wix allows for more freedom in designing, and you are not confined to a set template. Other web platforms force you to choose a preset template, as well as preset color palettes, and it’s difficult to create a truly unique website for your business. Wix has the total freedom of a blank palette (or choose from hundreds of templates if you’d like).

Wix is extremely user-friendly, and offers tons of how-to videos and help forums (plus customer support). I provide written instructions for my clients for editing their new website when it’s completed, plus links to these videos and forums if needed.

Wix has tons of tools to utilize, making the possibilities almost endless for what you need. This includes accepting payment and online stores, dynamic slide-shows, form builders, message boards, interactive maps, bookings, interactive calendars, blogs (like this) and more.

Wix makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) easy, so your website can be found on search engines, more so than Wordpress and Squarespace.

Wix allows you to design a mobile-friendly version of your website. This is really important because mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all website traffic.

Wix is constantly improving their interface. There are always new tools, apps, and options being added to Wix everyday.

Wix has other marketing options as well. Wix offers e-mail marketing, invoicing, and more. Most of these options are free with just a few limitations (for instance, free e-mail marketing up to 3 emails per month).

Ok, so those are some great reasons to use Wix. Now for some great reasons I can help you with Wix…

I have experience. Not only do I have experience creating dozens of Wix websites, but I have coded websites from the ground up for years before these user-friendly interfaces came to be. I have a lot of web samples in my portfolio (many of them from Wix).

I have education. I have BA in graphic design from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, as well as an MA in graphic design from Savannah College of Art & Design. I’ve studied design (including web) for years before and after school, attended seminars and additional classes, and continue to further my knowledge and stay current with the trends. I know how to create a dynamic, effective, and attractive website that fits your business and goals.

I offer more than websites. I can integrate your identity branding and other promotional materials into your web design and vice versa. I also offer ongoing support services if you need your website to be updated frequently, e-mail templates sent, and more.

I have great reviews. I pride myself on great customer service and making my clients feel comfortable and a part of the process. Whether you’re a large company or an individual starting a small business, I work quickly and efficiently with my clients to create a website that meet their needs.

I speak the client’s language. I don’t try to talk my clients into anything they don’t need, and I explain what I’m doing in a way non-web developers can understand.

I am probably the most affordable designer you will meet, with the education and experience I have. If you find another designer with a cheaper offer, please let me know :)

So what does a new website mean for your business?

A return on investment. For a small investment in your designer, and an even smaller investment for your hosting plan, you’ll reach out to and attract far more clients, guaranteed.

Connection with your audience. If your website has a way to interact with your clients (social media, forums, etc.), you’ll stay in contact with past clients, making them regular clients, and they’ll continue to spread the word.

You’ll stay current. It’s important for your business to change with the times. Not having a website today is just not an option for a successful business. Even having a simple landing page will put your voice out on the web so you can be heard.

It will open doors. There are so many opportunities that arise from building a website or social marketing. I have connected with clients from all over the country with my website, allowing me to expand my business outside of my local region. Most of my clientele in the past was from word of mouth, but since the launch of my website (and social media) more than 25% of my new clients have found me on the web.

So there you have it. If it’s this easy and affordable to have your own beautiful website, why haven’t you gotten started?

Contact me today for a free quote! PS- This website and this blog were created with Wix.

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About Brittany Klein

Brittany Klein is a freelance graphic designer from Maryland. She established her company, Radiant Resolution, in 2008 after receiving her Master of Arts degree in graphic design from Savannah College of Art & Design. She has since written blogs, e-books, and articles centered around graphic design and fine art for many organizations across the country.

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