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Brittany has had a love of art since she was a child, when she would attend college art classes with her mother, who was a student. She studied art throughout high school and college, receiving her BA in graphic design from UMBC, and her MA in graphic design from SCAD. Brittany Klein is now a full-time graphic artist at NASA, and completes freelance design projects and fine artwork in her spare time. She established Radiant Resolution in 2008, and has since created identity branding, print, packaging, apparel, and websites for clients all over the country. Because of her involvement in the horse world, you will see a few equestrian-related projects in her portfolio. Brittany mostly enjoys painting breathtaking landscapes and custom commissioned animal portraits.

Brittany primarily paints with acrylic paints, as well as oils (using a wet-on-wet technique, probably most recognized on Bob Ross' Joy of Painting series). She also uses watercolor, colored pencil, and pencil.

Brittany occassionally attends local craft fairs and expos as a vendor, selling her original artwork and prints. Visit the events page for more information on her upcoming schedule.

Commissioned Artwork
Brittany occasionally takes requests for commissioned artwork as time allows. f you are interested in having a commissioned portrait, click here to contact Brittany for a quote.

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© 2016 Artwork by Brittany Klein


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